The Benefits and Power of Empathy

Expert coach Dr. Karen Yeh, Psy.D. explains more about empathy training and how Flourish can help.

Mental Health Intro Webinars during Coronavirus

Are you fearful of what COVID means for you and your loved ones? Watch our series with Dr. David Carreon, a Stanford psychiatrist on staying mentally healthy!

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Intro: Mental Health in the Time of COVID

Dr. Carreon shares official recommendations, his own ideas, as well as creative solutions he’s heard recently from patients.

Part 1: Overview

We are in an unprecedented time. A virus is spreading and many are dying; the economy looks bad, and as of this writing, we’re supposed to be staying indoors. How do we respond well in this time of crisis? You can find show notes here.

Part 2: Quarantine and Social Animals

A focus on the social aspects of the pandemic and shelter-in-place orders. We discuss the neuroscience of human sociality and talk about how the current crisis continues to affect it. We also touch on the deeper questions about why isolation is as painful as it is. You can find show notes here.

Part 3: Exercise and Neuroplasticity

We talk about how exercise affects the brain and body. We also explore the link between messages you tell yourself and the way your brain becomes wired. In short, we talk about changing the deceptive brain messages or cognitive distortions that make life harder than it needs to be.

Part 4: Meaning and Purpose

A focus on the existential aspects of the pandemic. We explore what it takes for a human to flourish beyond the physical and see what the virus reveals to us. We also explore the concept of fear of death, the human need for meaning, and ways that we can participate in a greater story even while in lockdown.


Interview with Paul Chen, CEO of Flourish Tech

In this episode of Social Starts and Joyance Partners Inception podcast, Managing Partner Mike Edelhart talks with me, Paul Chen, CEO and co-founder of Flourish Tech, a company teaching skills to build flourishing, healthy relationships.

In my conversation with Mike, I share my (bitter/sweet) personal story of what inspired me to start Flourish Tech, shares how we’re repackaging time-tested psychology tools to make empathy resources understandable and accessible, and explores the huge impact Flourish could have on the mental wellbeing of families, friends, and colleagues everywhere - Flourish creates peer to peer, 1-on-1 coaching sessions to scale the impact of psychology experts.

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