What is Flourish Space?

Flourish Space is a training ground for the soft skills, which differentiates leaders that are average from those that are world class. We are your personal guide for self-development and a mentor for the soul.

Flourish is a platform devoted to self-development that can help you learn about yourself, define areas to focus on, set and track goals, find relevant resources, and reflect on your progress.

We have assembled a variety of coaches, group facilitators, curricula and technologies to help you learn and practice the skills you need to live a happy, fulfilling, and well-rounded life; the perfect flourishing of yourself into your fullest potential.

A Path to Flourishing

Flourishing starts and ends with you. We are here to help you find your way and meet your goals. We see ourselves as a catalyst that accelerates your growth. It begins with your personal Flourish Roadmap. As you work on it with your coach, you will identify what flourishing means to you, milestones along the way, and the path between them.

Then, with the Accountability Tracker, we will help keep you on track with regular reminders and check-ins to see how you’re doing.

We have both digital tools and human allies including coaches and groups so that you can work with others to support you, help you identify any blind spots you may have, and allow you to practice the skills you need in a safe space so that you can enact them with power and authority in the world.

At Flourish, we don’t believe that there is something wrong with our customers that need to be fixed. Instead, we believe that everyone has the potential to flourish in life through guided self-development. We believe that people have a deep desire to become better versions of themselves. We are here to help them.