The Benefits And Power Of Empathy

Would you like to improve your relationships and feel more connected? You can, with your friends, family, significant others, your boss and co-workers, and in new relationships too.

These days feeling connected is so important, and empathy is central to connection. Empathy is the ability to join with another person through words and emotions, helping them to feel understood.

For some empathy is natural, but for many, empathy is a learned skill. Like going to the gym, you can go to our empathy gym to strengthen your mental muscles. This means that not only can you learn to be better at empathy, you can become good at it and truly improve your relationships!

With the Flourish Tech app, we teach you how to empathize. And more importantly, we help you to become skilled through live practice. Practicing is essential to building your confidence and mastering the skills.

Flourish Tech provides you a unique training experience in which you get opportunities to rehearse your empathy skills in live 30-minute, 1:1 role playing sessions with peers, honing your empathic abilities as real conversations unfold. Recent customers of our role play program reported that they strengthened their empathy skills which in turn, improved their own sense of well-being and how they felt about themselves in their relationships.

As a practicing psychologist with nearly 20 years of experience, Flourish’s empathy coach Dr. Karen Yeh has seen the power of empathy in having helped so many individuals with relationship problems.

Empathy makes compassion possible and is the foundation for meaningful connection. Empathy builds connections, trust, respect and understanding. We need empathy and compassion now more than ever in this world. We are looking forward to assisting you on your journey to building flourishing relationships.

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