Health is wealth (and starts with a walk)

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. - John Muir

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. - John Muir

When quarantine first began, my boyfriend and I parted ways to go home and spend time with our respective families. His family lives on the East Coast and mine in California. Turns out, it wouldn’t be another 6 months until I’d see him or be living in the city again. During my time at home, I got into countless arguments and awkward situations with my parents. Many of their concerns stemmed from being older and more susceptible to Covid-19, and therefore from being more anxious. On the other hand, I had literally gone to a bar the day before I went home (oops) and was suddenly not even allowed to go to the grocery store (not to mention that grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do). My extremely extroverted self did not adjust well.

At the time, I had also been working really hard and gotten past the final interview at my dream company, but then they had a freezing hire. My next few weeks were spent largely unproductively. I finished Ozark and Succession within days, drank wine every night, walked only a few hundred steps a day, and gained 7 pounds. But the end of quarantine never came and I started to question everything — all my relationships, career goals, purpose in life. Being physically unhealthy slowly pervaded all the other aspects of my life. I got in more squabbles with my parents, I took it personally when friends didn’t respond, and I definitely did not try my hardest at work.

What happened next? One of my friends started an exercise challenge via Apple Fitness and, being a competitive person, that forced me to get active. I started going on daily walks at a minimum and getting my shit together again. While slow at first, it was crazy how much better everything got. I became more motivated and productive with work, had more mental clarity, proactively reached out to more friends, and spent more happy quality time with family. Now, I feel restless if I go a day without a walk.

TL;DR When you’re not feeling well, take a walk or go on a run. It’s the first step to mental well-being!

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