Our vision is to empower 100 million people to lead a personally fulfilling life by 2030.

Our team

Paul Chen

Nickname: Hal5
Student, CEO and Co-founder

Trenton Broughton

Nickname: Groot
Learner, CTO and Co-founder

Elly Lin

Nickname: Starfire
Head of Growth

Our Values

Agape (“Love”)

Everything that we do is grounded in our love for one another and our stakeholders including customers, staff, shareholders and society at large. Flourishing relationships are the bedrock for everything we do. We are quick to listen and slow to speak. We value teamwork above individual glory. We believe that if we act in unison, our collective effort will better advance our mission.

Arete (“Excellence”)

Be excellent, not worried. Have we given all we got to each task at hand? Everything we do advances the mission. We eliminate anything, even if it is a good thing, so we can focus on the BEST things. We focus on the work and seek to depersonalize issues. We prioritize our tasks and execute one by one. We speedily, continuously and relentlessly refine our product and services to meet user needs and maintain their trust.

Some other examples of Arete include commitment to effectiveness, deep curiosity, high quality work, extraordinary customer services, and punctuality.

Extreme Ownership

All responsibility for success and failure rests with the leader. Everyone leads, regardless of title. We lead our customers, our teammates, and our investors. When things go wrong, we quickly admit our own mistakes, do not blame others and develop a plan to win.

Veritas (“Truth”)

Our product discovery method starts with the customer and works backwards. We seek truths and question our own assumptions and adhere to a strict code of honesty. Independent thinking is expected of everyone at Flourish. Evidence is more valuable than opinions, evidence from direct experience, when analyzed critically, better still. Therefore, when in doubt, we prefer quick and easy experiments over debates when possible. We conduct regular learning reports on important initiatives.

Having stated our preference for experiments over debates, we do discuss all perspectives on a given issue before making decisions. For every important decision, we have one person arguing for the opposite side. We seek to assemble a team with diverse insights to minimize our blind spots.

Tao (“The Way”)

We are flexible. We observe the patterns of nature (in the market, in our customers, in technology) and adapt. We address problems when they are small so we can accomplish big things. We consider a balanced approach, inviting diverse views. We leave room for divine inspirations or sparks of genius. If one of us makes a passionate case based on gut feeling, we welcome that inspiration despite imperfect information.