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Soft skills training for professionals to gain clarity of their future
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Are you ready to achieve your next level career goals?

Trying to get a promotion or looking for a new job? Finding it challenging to determine what career move to make next? We have an effective system that pairs you with an expert coach to help you gain clarity over your future and speed up the process to achieving your professional goals. We have helped more than a dozen professionals like you to gain control over their career.

How it works:

Step 1: Free consultation

Our professional coaches will help you identify concrete goals during your free 10 min consultation.

Step 2: Find a coach and build a personalized roadmap together

With you Flourish coach, you will create a personal roadmap to work towards your social, personal, and professional goals.

Step 3: Weekly 1-on-1 coaching and leadership labs

Meet 1-on-1 with your professional coach for in a safe space. You can work on new skills in a judgement-free zone privately with a coach, or with peers in a group. We will also share curated content created by world-class experts.

Members love Flourish:

"My coach pointed out a real problem that I have (confidence) and helped me think through how to fix it. Got more clarity all around."

Sally, product manager

"Flourish cares about the customer. The Flourish team does a great job at adapting to customer demand."

Hans, mid-level executive

"All the role play scenarios that I do with my coach are very helpful. It is easier to do them when you are not in a real situation. My Flourish coach is helping me to find my voice at work. I am learning how to express how I feel about a situation. I am an introvert. All the role plays really helped develop my confidence."

Meaghan, a school teacher

"Before meeting with a Flourish coach, I have never had a framework for effective and empathic communication, or a space to practice the framework. Working on my communication skills like having empathy matter because they affect your relationship with others. Your ability to show people that you care. It extends into all areas of life."

Tony, startup CEO

Our methodology is developed by experts trained at:

Who can benefit from Flourish Space:

Young Professional

Trying to get a Raise

Having trouble settling into a new job or new role? We can help you with that.

Life Transitions

Looking for a New Job

Whether you're just starting your career or transitioning into a new one there's a lot to figure out.

Getting Promoted

Finding that your technical expertise did not prepare you to take on a management position?

Life is too short to not flourish

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